Catatonic Depression Details

Catatonic Depression is an unusual type of major depression. Any individual with this mental depression would display disturbances in both muscle activity and tone. Generally, this state has either a physiological or psychological basis.


It is normally related with bipolar I disorder, which is constituted with alternative periods of depression and mania. The risk of this mental depression is higher in case of elder persons.

Identification and Common Symptoms

The main indications of Catatonic depression include remaining motionless for a long duration of time, which in medical terms is referred to as Catatonic Stupor, and traveling around violently and abnormally, which is referred to as Catatonic Excitement.

Normally, an individual with this mental disorder may opt not to talk or emulate other person’s actions or words. People who experience this depression may instantaneously agree or even refuse to oblige with other people who are attempting to help them.

Suicidal attempts or thoughts are other prevalent symptoms in these patients. According to studies, males are more likely to show this symptom than women.

Effects of Catatonic Depression

There are many chances for this mental disorder to build up into Catatonic Schizophrenia, which is very brutal, and can affect all the normal functioning of the human body for life time. Catatonic excitement could result in any sort of physical harm imposed on oneself, or on other individuals by the patient.

Another danger is that it could even lead to many cardiovascular-related diseases, and augmented mortality rate can also be reported. The patients may not be able to carry simple daily activities due to severe psychological pain. Suicidal tendencies and feelings are expected to develop largely in some affected persons.

Treatment Details

Medication has been proven to be really effective in dealing with this particular mental illness. Electroconvulsive therapy is one of the most commonly used treatments to reduce risks of this disorder.

Other types of medications to cure this illness are antimelancholic and benzodiazepine. Psychotics and mood stabilizers including lithium and valporic acid would be very helpful. Usually, Benzodiazepine medicines act as anticonvulsant, anti-anxiety agents, and muscle or sedative relaxants.

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