Turbulence Training Review

Turbulence Training, a fitness program that is all about how to get in shape while also building muscle and burning excessive fat, has been developed by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) named Craig Ballantyne. He is also a writer for magazines like Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Maximum Fitness, and Oxygen in addition to being a training coach.

The entire program is a series of nutritional and workout guides, which are offered in downloadable forms as e-books or audio files. This series has proved to be scientifically beneficial for several men and women for building muscle, developing overall health, and losing weight. It has also been endorsed by top fitness magazines and elite trainers.

Lose fat at the earliest from the convenience of your home by simple workouts in the morning or before bedtime without the need for countless hours of cardio or any kind of fancy equipments!

Get ready to go with just few dumbbells, resistance bands, and a bench.

What Turbulence Training Can Do For You?

Created by the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Craig Ballantyne, the Turbulence Training program intends to assist folks not only in losing weight, but also in building muscles in less time when compared to other workout programs in the market. This training program is highly beneficial with respect to the following aspects:

  • The best and productive weight loss program that includes a physical exercise schedule in addition to a diet program
  • Helps in building muscles, while also losing weight and body fat simultaneously
  • Improves energy  levels and helps in getting stronger with younger looks
  • Cardio-free program
  • Only 3 workouts per week, spending almost an hour per workout
  • Boosts the body metabolic rate

When looking at all these benefits, it is easy to realize that Turbulence Training is the best option for the working sector of people, who have an extremely busy schedule.

Turbulence Training: Workout and Non-Workout Regimen

Turbulence Training unites workouts involving weight lifting along with compound exercises that incorporate several muscle groups. Every workout takes just around 45 minutes, involving warm-ups, around 5 intervals of running, body-weight training or cycling, and a cool-down. It is necessary to work out 3- times/week; at least 1 entire rest day is needed every week. Four weeks after starting, you should be changing over to a new workout schedule so as not to reach a plateau. It is also very much essential to take a week off after every 12 weeks to give enough time for your body to recover. This is the workout regimen.


As for the non-workout regimen, a good social support is needed. Apart from this, a proper nutrition plan is crucial so as to monitor your daily calorie intake. Before starting with the program, get your physical restrictions assessed by a personal trainer.  Also, consult a healthcare expert before beginning on a new diet.

How Does Turbulence Training Work?

Turbulence Training is a blend of interval training and resistance training. This combination helps in enhancing your metabolism so as to burn your fat and calories in between workouts. According to Craig, the formulator of this program, the other cardio exercises cannot help in boosting the body metabolism after exercise, while interval training and strength training can do it. He believes that the body will keep shedding down weight even while working, sleeping, and eating.

This schedule also includes an ebook about Nutrition Guidelines, which is written by Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D, a Nutrition expert. This extensive nutritional section gives a 21-Healthy Habit Building Plan to help in planning a perfect diet. However, the given recipes are pretty limited when compared to the other workout programs.

So, this is exactly how Turbulence Training program helps in losing weight without sacrificing muscle, ending up with a chiseled, toned, and defined body. This program delivers what it promises.

Turbulence Training Cost

The Turbulence Training program offers 3 different packages to choose from and you do get a vast quantity of content in each of these packages, which are really worth the investment. The basic package comes at a cost of $39.95, while the deluxe package costs $97.00; the deluxe package can be ordered at two equal payments of $48.50.

It’s quite possible that you may get skeptical about the assurance of the program due to the many fraudulent programs out there, in which case you can start with a trail package for 21 days at just $4.95. If you feel assured by the end of the 21-days trial period, you will be billed for the remaining $35.00 investment by the end of this period.

The 60-days full money-back guarantee is yet another assuring aspect of the Turbulence training program. So, in case you are not satisfied, there’s nothing to worry about the investment that you have made.

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